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Teaching and Mentoring

Intro to Ethics is a required course for at least three different majors at UCSB (Phil., Econ. & Environmental Studies). Most of my students are not Philosophy majors. This is the only course in Philosophy they will ever take. For others, this is the gateway course that could introduce them to years of intellectual pursuits in Philosophy. On behalf of both kinds of students I ask: How do I teach so that my students can learn the material and take the lessons with them when they leave?

Current Teaching Goals:

I am equipping myself with the tools necessary for effective teaching in a Philosophy classroom. For myself, I'd like to learn how to coordinate my section goals and outcomes with the specific course requirements while still doing good Philosophy. For my students, I'd like to build an inclusive classroom environment where my students can really sit down and dig into philosophical material, actively contribute to the discussion, and feel like those contributions were taken seriously by the teacher and their peers.

Teaching & Mentoring:


  • Teaching Assistant, Ethics, UCSB: Spring 2015
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Ethics, UCSB: Winter 2015
  • Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Ethics, UCSB: Winter 2015
  • Lead Coach, Ethics Bowl Team makes it to 3rd Place at Regional Competition held at SBCC, UCSB: Fall 2014

Pedagogical Development:


  • Invitational Workshop on Teaching and Learning Philosophy, American Association of Philosophy Teachers
  • 36th Annual Invitational Summer Institute in Composition and Critical Literacy, South Coast Writing Project


Expected 2018

  • Certificate in College and University Teaching, UCSB.


  • Teacher-Consultant Certification, South Coast Writing Project, Santa Barbara, CA.